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ModeAudio Contour Downtempo For SYLENTH1-DISCOVER

Posted on 19 Aug in Presets / Patches


 ModeAudio Contour Downtempo For SYLENTH1-DISCOVER



Echoes in a deserted forest strange symbols carved out of giant rock faces shafts of light reflecting hexagonal patterns through the haze these are the sonic images you will find yourself creating with our brand new set of custom-crafted synth presets, Contour -Downtempo Sylenth1 Presets!

Sylenth1's gorgeous, analog-modelled architecture has been distilled and amplified across the 75 synth presets included in this pack, infused to the core with wavering pitch drift, filter saturation and carefully sculpted arrays of refracting FX. 

Ranging from complex and layered to playful and deft, these patches have been crafted to recall the dusty, frayed sound of analog media, injected with washes of radio interference and the arcing, slow-decay of classic, brooding Downtempo and smoky Trip Hop.

The sounds range from richly textured, sub-heavy Basses and ethereal, floating Pads to gritty, driven Synth Chords, classic, analog-style Synths, glittering Plucks, incandescent Synth Leads and fractal Arps, all just waiting to transport you to the outer reaches of your musical world!

75 key and tempo-labelled MIDI loops accompany the presets to complete the collection, delivering sweeping melodies and spiralling harmonies for you to slot seamlessly into your productions.

Take your music on a deep trip through sunset soundscapes, cloaked in mists rolling across the horizon - download Contour - Downtempo Sylenth1 Presets today!

......:::::: Product Specifications ::::::......
• Format: Presets/SoundBank (.FXB)
• 75 Presets For Lennar Digital Sylenth1
• 15 x Bass Presets
• 15 x Pad Presets
• 10 x Classic Synth Presets
• 10 x Chord Presets
• 10 x Synth Lead Presets
• 10 x Pluck Presets
• 05 x Arp Presets
• 75 MIDIs Loops (Key And Tempo-Labelled)
• PC & Mac Compatible
• Requirements: Lenanr Digital Sylenth1 2.0+ or higher.
• Genre: Ambient, Downtempo, Hip Hop, Minimal

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