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Future Koncept Future Arpeggios - Massive Presets

Posted on 19 Aug in Presets / Patches


 Future Koncept Future Arpeggios - Massive Presets

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Ultra-Modern collection of 50 professionally programmed Arpeggio presets for Massive, ideal for Future Bass, Chill Trap & more . All presets are fully tweakable with 8 macro Controls!

Fast forward to the Future with this cutting edge selection of Massive Arpeggiator presets, designed especially to work with the most forward thinking Future Bass and Chill Trap productions. 
Future Bass is blowing up rapidly, and it's already morphing into one of the most exciting new movements in electronic music right now! One of the main characteristics of this new genre mix are those magic layers of Arpeggiated synths which instantly add that distinctive futuristic flavour.
Future Koncept's very latest Future Arpeggios presets collection for NI Massive will be essential for anyone looking to achieve this very authentic sound!
Expertly programmed for the immensely popular Massive Synth by Native Instruments, this preset pack comes equipped with 50 Arpeggio presets for Massive, each fully tweakable with 8 macro controls to give you ultimate control over the sounds.
There's a sweet range of different melodies and scales featured here, and even some auto-bass lines for good measure. Also included is a selection of 8 arp-based SFX, to add some extra interest to your tunes.
Keep your tracks future-proof and stock up your Massive preset library with some ultra-modern synth arpeggios from Future Koncept.

Download contains:
50 Massive Presets for Future Bass
42 x Arpeggios
8 x SFX

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