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Sonic Elements Overload Vol 1-2 MAX For U-HE DiVA-DISCOVER

Posted on 19 Aug in Presets / Patches


 Sonic Elements Overload Vol 1-2 MAX For U-HE DiVA-DISCOVER



OVERLOAD VOLUME 1: is a modern high powered bank of sounds for u-he’s DIVA. It includes sounds inspired by the raw and cutting edge. You will enhance your arsenal of sounds with new rich poly synths, biting leads, thick basses, tone setting plucks, and lush pads.

Our goal was to create sounds that will enhance your creativity and set your productions apart. Overload fully utilizes all of DIVA’s advanced modules and capabilities.

Each filter and oscillator settings and modules were carefully chosen to create the best possible sound.

Digital and Analog tones are combined to create unique rich sounds. It is through this process and DIVA’s incredible sound we have created the first volume in this series of banks from the team at Sonic Elements.

• 76 U-He Diva Presets
• Mod Wheel And Velocity Mapped On Every Preset
• Unique Sound Design Techniques
• Patches Level Matched

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