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Freshly Squeezed Samples - Zebra Trance Essentials Vol 1 H2P, ALS, MiDi

Posted on 19 Aug in Presets / Patches


 Freshly Squeezed Samples - Zebra Trance Essentials Vol 1 H2P, ALS, MiDi

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Produced in collaboration with talented sound designer Dima Golban (Formal One), we are proud to present Zebra Trance Essentials Volume 1.

With 138 quality made presets, Zebra Trance Essentials Volume 1 is the perfect addition to your production library. You’ll find a range of iconic leads and plucks from popular uplifting trance tracks, as well as a collection of rolling basses, warm pads, and psytrance influenced sounds similar to those used by Simon Patterson, Ultimate, Sean Tyas, James Dymond, Sneijder, Simon O’Shine, and many others.

While most of our sound sets are geared towards trance, this one stands out among the rest due to how focused it is. Whether you’re looking for the classical trance sounds of the 90’s and early 2000’s, or more modern uplifting sounds, then you’ll find them in this sound set.

Along with the Zebra presets, we have also included the Ableton 9.1.3 project files used for the demo as an additional bonus.

What’s Included?

  • 7 ATMO presets.
  • 25 BASS presets.
  • 10 BONUS presets.
  • 5 DRUM presets.
  • 16 FX presets.
  • 25 LEAD presets.
  • 19 PAD presets.
  • 21 PLUCK presets.
  • 7 SEQ presets.
  • 3 STAB presets.

    Artistic Influence

    Adam Szabo, Astral Projection, Ultimate, Sean Tyas, Simon Patterson, James Dymond, Sneijder, Simon O’Shine, John O’Callaghan, Eddie Bitar, and many others.

    Record Label Influences

    Vandit, Subculture, FSOE, Amsterdam Trance Records, A State of Trance, Enhanced Music, Monster Tunes, Damaged Records, Blue Soho, and many others.

    Sound Set Properties

  • 100% royalty free.
  • 138 named presets, sorted into well-defined categories.
  • All presets are rooted (C3) and volume normalized.
  • Chart and club proven Zebra presets - ready to play.
  • Road tested by the leading producers in the industry.
  • Careful FX usage for a straight-out-the-box useable sound.
  • In short, the way a sound set should be!

    Technical Specification

  • Format(s): H2P, ALS, MID
  • Type: Presets/Patches
  • Number of Presets: 138
  • Product Series: Trance Essentials

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