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5Pin Media Pure Techno WAV MiDi REX

Posted on 20 Sep in Loops


 5Pin Media Pure Techno WAV MiDi REX

1.06 GB


Pure Techno from 5Pin Media and Mass Digital team up to bring you a high octane Techno workout spanning ten premium Kits primed to add punch to your Techno productions. 

Techno has seen a welcome return to its roots with top drawer releases from artists such as Alan Fitzpatrick, Slam, Adam Beyer, Joseph Capriati and Dense & Pika to name a few. 'Pure Techno' both captures and embodies that raw defining spirit. 

The ten Kits have been produced with the greatest attention to detail hosting WAV, Apple, REX2 and MIDI formats for maximum flexibilty and minimal fuss. In total there are 345 loops, 103 one-shots, 34 full MIDI files and 40 stems across the ten Kits and to top it off an Ableton Live 9 version complete with 10 live sessions comprising 10 drum racks and 23 sampler/simpler instruments loaded with MIDI. 

Mass Digital, aka Serbian producer Boris Mijolic, has been releasing top drawer House on labels such as CR2, Upon You Records, Denied Music, BluFin, Colore, Phonetic and Toolroom to name a few since 2010. 

Please Note:

The stems and tracks featured in this product cannot be used to create tracks for library music companies. For the full licence agreement please see the PDF file.

Key Features:

? True Looped and "Start + Tailed" versions of loops preserving reverb tails.
? Dry and Wet versions of music loops.
? Drum loops broken down into separate elements for ease of arrangement, effecting, processing and mixing.
? All music elements with key information.
? MIDI music loops included for expanding musical elements.
? 32Bar 4track Stems included with each Kit for creating edits and creative DJ mixing.
? Ableton Live 9 Project version with drum and intruments racks. 

Product Details:

• 24-Bit Quality
• 1.9 GB
• 10 Construction Kits
• 345 WAV Loops/Apple Loops
• 161 REX2 Loops
• 40 WAV Stems
• 103 One-Shots
• 34 Full MIDI Files

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