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Martin Britz Invictus Guitar KONTAKT-SYNTHiC4TE

Posted on 08 Jan in Libraries


 Martin Britz Invictus Guitar KONTAKT-SYNTHiC4TE

 8.16 GB


Invictus Guitar is an electric guitar library with two instruments: One with dry recordings and one amped containing around 5.7gb of samples each, an advanced pattern editor, a set of key switches for different sounds and more.

The library consists of over 3500 individual recordings. Each of these recordings were hand edited to create approximately 1790 dual tracked samples.

There are sixteen takes of each sound, combined into 8 stereo samples per sound.

There are six different sounds and chords (5th Power chords, two alt chords, heavy and light palm mute and lead), a set of recordings for every semi-tone.

Invictus contains a powerful pattern and phrase builder where you can assign different articulations and chords per step to create seamless and instant phrases.

Each step can contain one of the following articulations and the whole sequence can be repitch live by playing the keys:

Palm Mute Heavy
Palm Mute Light
Power Chord Fifths
Lead Picked
Chord Alt 1
Chord Alt 2

There are also a selection of preset patterns to choose from.

Recorded with a high quality professional audio interface, active guitar pickups, gold plated connectors and quality cables. All recordings are 32 bit uncompressed audio for maximum quality.

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